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Holidays to Mendoza

Mendoza: Mendoza city is the capital of Mendoza province which lies in the heart of the winemaking industry in Argentina and the producer of most of the world renown wines.  Although it is in a dry desert region, you would be surprised to find greenery throughout the city. This has been made possible by acequias (irrigation channels) on both sides of most of the streets. These are periodically filled with water from the river.

Mendoza offers all sorts of entertainment from casinos, discos, museums, cinemas, theatres, wine bars, pubs, a rich cultural and artistic activity, varied options of international cuisine and regional specialties. It a great place to organize rafting, skiing and other adventures in the nearby Andes. See he colourful Inca bridge coloured by the minerals in the water.

Wine lovers can take a half or full day guided tour of several vineyards to sample the best of what Argentina has to offer. Learn how this dry area became a wine-growing oasis with irrigation techniques that capture the snow melt runoff from the Andes Mountains. The guides will demonstrate and show you the technique of wine tasting, wine production, the importance of the cork in the bottle and the correct way to handle a glass. You will probably end up taking a few dozen bottles home.