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Holidays to Amazon Rain Forest

amazon rain forest

Amazon Rain Forest:

The Brazilian Amazon or the "The Amazon Jungle", as is more commonly known in English is a place that is larger than life. It is just not the Amazon River or the Amazon Forest but is a landscape of  mountains, forests, savannas, dotted with cities, towns and tiny river settlements. It has more species of wildlife than its Asian or African counterparts.  Butterflies larger than small birds, brightly coloured Makaws, Tucans, and monkeys are just some of the habitants of this rain forest. There are approximately 1,300 bird species, 40,000 plant species, 400 reptile species, 425 amphibian species and over 3,000 fish species and home to several million people in this of 7 million square kilometres. It is impossible to see the whole of it and would take several trips to just explore a fraction of this massive rain forest. What is magical about the Amazon are its vast landscapes – it’s oceanic rivers and winding streams, its shimmering skies and labyrinthine backwaters – and the unique human drama which is played out here day after day.

It is best to experience the Amazon Jungle and its massive river by boat. Trained guides can be hired for individual travellers as well as larger groups. On this river cruise you could spot the giant anacondas made world famous by the movie of similar name, Black Caiman, Jaguars, flesh eating piranhas, hairy spiders, Makaws, Tucans, Coatis Capybara and a large variety of other Fauna and Flora. These tailor made tours may be as short as a day, or can be packaged to encompass several days for a more detailed exploration of the area and an experience of a lifetime.