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Holidays to Shanghai

Shanghai is the city in the People's Republic of China and the largest city proper by population in the world. Shanghai literally means the city by the sea. Located in the Yangtze River Delta in China, on its west shore is the Pacific Ocean and on the east is East China Sea. Shanghai also has various nicknames like the "Pearl of the Orient" and "Paris of the East". Shanghai grew in importance because of its favorable port location and economic potential. The city has flourished as a hub of commerce between east and west, and has become the undisputed financial center of the Asia Pacific and has the busiest container port in the world. It is a global city, with influence in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transport. Shanghai has a subtropical maritime monsoon climate. Shanghai is a popular tourist destination renowned for its unique historical landmarks and renowned for its architecturally distinctive and record-setting tallest skyscrapers in the world. Shanghai has an extensive public transport system, its Metro is the third longest network in the world and one of the leading air transport gateways in Asia. Shanghai Botanical Garden and parks offer extensive rose and peony gardens, large children’s play area and relief from the urban jungle. Shanghai boasts several museums of regional, national importance and natural history. Shanghai is a important center for traditional Chinese art developed into the modern style in form of Chinese painting, calligraphy, and poetry. It also famous for its traditional Renwen painting, Cheongsam and Manchurian qipao. Shanghai's local architects, fashion designers strive to create a fusion of western and traditional designs, often with innovative and controversial results. Shanghai spectacular celebrates abundant number of traditional and historical festivals. Each festival has its own historical origin, legend and enjoyment which reflects traditional habits and religious morality. Shanghai is most alive at the end of the day, with neon lights flicker on filled up restaurants, bars and pubs, whatever it is you are hungry for it will be satisfied by number of fabulous, tasty and spicy food and beverages. Shanghai is above all cosmopolitan and cutting edge with Pop-up boutiques, bustling markets and new brands created by the aspiring & surprisingly creative designers. Many art galleries are first-rate, offering a window into the contemporary Chinese art scene. Like all mega cities, Shanghai can be overwhelming and promising making one feel most connected to the place and the people.