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Holidays to Kalimantan


Kalimantan is on the third largest island in the world and occupying about 73% of the area, the remaining 27% belonging to Malaysia and Brunei. Kalimantan occupies about 30% of Indonesia's land area, but houses less than 5% of its population. It is mostly covered by dense tropical forest, the centre is made up of mountain ranges the highest peak being no more than 1,500 metres above sea level. Long great rivers flow down from these to the ocean, many of them are navigable for hundred of miles and serve as essential channels of transport and communication between the coast and the island’s interior.

This is the land of the Dayak people who are famous as courageous warriors. Kalimantan remains largely untouched by tourism and is the ideal place for those looking to venture into undiscovered territory. With few roads, the rivers are its passage ways and a trip up one of them will give you a taste of traditional Dayak life. The more adventurous travellers can enjoy weeks exploring through seldom ventured areas. The forests are home to a variety of exotic flora and fauna. It provides the adventurous bird watchers with some of the richest ornithological experiences to be found anywhere in the world, for this is one of the most biologically diverse and endemic-rich areas on earth with over six hundred species of birds found here. Most commonly seen in the forest canopy are orangutans, proboscis monkey, clouded leopard, leaf monkey, crab eating macaques and ant-eating pangolins.

Kalimantan is divided into four regions:

  • West Kalimantan :     Rich in a variety of minerals and precious stones, and remains largely unexplored.
  • East Kalimantan :      A major producer of oil and timber.
  • South Kalimantan :    Is much flatter with large rivers meandering through lowlands and mangrove swamps along the coast.
  • Central Kalimantan :  Is the biggest province on the island and is most are covered in jungles.