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Holidays to Maluku


Maluku also known as "Spice Islands" consists of over 360 small and big islands, many of these islands are still uninhabited. It is a tropical paradise lying between Sulawesi and Papua.  Protected from mass tourism by distance, remoteness and irregular flight timings Maluku remains remarkably hospitable and inexpensive.

Maluku is a dream come true with tropical beaches and rugged, incredible sea gardens and forest-coated volcanic mountains. Visitors here can enjoy a lot of exciting activities, such as snorkelling and swimming, sunbathing and diving.

In Maluku everything still moves delightfully slowly. With acceptable facilities and not another tourist for miles, this is somewhere to wind down a few gears, relax in the lilting sound of Poco Poco, the home-grown answer to line dancing and to revel in a tropical discovery that seems almost too good to be true. For bird lovers the forests are dotted with brilliantly coloured king fishers, the red-crested Mollucan cockatoo, and many multi-coloured lorikeets and parrots.