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Holidays to Ella

To enjoy Sri Lanka’s subtle, fiery and creative cuisine the visit is Ella is recommended.

Ella is renowned for its delicious home cooking. What better way to enjoy home cooking then to visit to “Ella Spice Garden”, here you will enjoy hands on experience to learn how to create the wonderful Sri Lankan food at home, that you would finally get to eat yourself. You could also purchase the various spices that they sell there.

For people that love hiking there are Ella Rock and Little Adam’s Peak to climb and at the top there is a spectacular 360 degree views of the area.

Other places of interest in around Ella are:

  • Halpawatte Tea Factory
  • The Kinellan Tea Factory
  • The Demodara Loop
  • The Demodara Nine Arch Railway Bridge.
  • Ravana Ella Falls and Ella Gap Waterfall
  • Nature's Secret Ayurvedic for a relaxing massage.